Filmmaker. Journalist.

I’m a filmmaker and journalist and author of the monograph Mank The Unmaking – an in-depth look at David Fincher’s pic about the quick-witted, hard-drinking screenwriter of Citizen Kane (played by Gary Oldman). There’s a limited edition book out there if you can find it.

When I’m not writing books or obsessively playing Fantasy Football,
I write screenplays. I’ve a couple of features under option, as well as others which I’m developing to direct. I’ve made four shorts, which have played in festivals worldwide and received praise from the likes of Fincher and Mark Romanek.

You can watch my first short Bricks – an Edgar Allan Poe adaptation – on the horror channel Alter. The others are available on Vimeo.

As well as filmmaking, I’m also a contributing editor to Empire magazine and have written for The Guardian, Esquire, The Daily Telegraph and others.

Root around the site for trailers for the films, interviews with A-listers, and more info about me than you could possibly need to know.